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By becoming a distributor for Dobinsons suspension Sunbury, we have enhanced our 4WD suspension portfolio. You can avail 4wd Accessories at our branches at Sunbury, Caroline Springs, Hillside, Kyneton, and Craigieburn.

We are expert in 4×4’s which are used in a harsh environment to take away your worry during your traveling. In addition, we offer comprehensive invoicing for the entire job completed and parts used. Apart from customizing services to meet your particular needs, we also keep a full-service history of your vehicle in our files to keep you side by side regarding potential problems.

Whether you need minor repairs or a major 4wd overhaul, we are capable to handle it.

4WD & Dobinson Suspension

We offer the following services

  • Major Service
  • Standard service
  • Minor service
  • Manufacturer’s Servicing (Book Service)
  • Expert advice Hillside
  • Cooling
  • System Service & Repairs
  • Brake Repairs
  • Clutch
  • o/hauls
  • Swivel Housing and Front Axle Overhauls
  • Wheel Bearing repacks and replacement
  • Steering, Repairs, Wheel Alignment and Balance
  • Suspension repairs and upgrades
  • Universal joint replacement
  • Drive shaft repairs
  • Fuel
  • system repairs Caroline Springs
  • Engine repairs
  • Gearbox
  • o/hauls & repairs
  • Transfer case O/haul & repairs
  • Differential O/haul & repairs
  • All types of Mechanical repairs
  • Auto Electrical repairs
  • Air-conditioning repairs
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Pre-trip servicing
  • Pre-trip inspections

Call us for any inquiry.